Top 10 Living Places in Hyderabad

Top 10 Living Places in Hyderabad

One of the oldest cities having an amazing combination of the Mughal era along with the recent modernized lifestyle, Hyderabad offers many choices of living places. Banjara Hills An upmarket residential area in Hyderabad has some of the best architectures for a living. Gachibowli Gachibowli is located in the suburbs of the city and due to its closeness to the… Read more →

What is it with Bangalore and itsswelled rental market?

What is it with Bangalore and its rental market? The government failed to stand up to the anticipations in economic development, do not worry, rental-housing market is on a roll. Developers not able to sell unsold inventory and the unoccupied house level is piling on like the promises of real estate market’s turnover; never worry, rental market will save the… Read more →

Making sense of Mumbai’s overpriced property market

The status quo of Mumbai as thefinancial capital of India has seeped in all phases of an ordinary Mumbaikar’s life. Starting from the primary needs, food, clothes, and shelter, city’s prices are skyrocketing in automobile, petrol, and healthcare services. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the nation’s style and glamour lives here, so it issomewhat… Read more →

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