Why you should register your intellectual property at the idea phase itself

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Intellectual Property for many businesses not only protects an idea or a concept, it protects genuine business assets which are integral to the business survival in the long term. In today’s dynamic digital world, companies run the risk of theft of their unique ideas, products and services. This makes protection of Intellectual Property even more important and a must for all businesses. It would be a great strategy to register your Intellectual Property at the inception stage because you will always be confronted with people who would like to copy your ideas and market them as their own.  As per your requirements of your business or a business idea, you can patent or copyright/trademark your product, service or idea. Protection of Intellectual Property rights is a must for all businesses whether big or small. A recent example of Intellectual Property rights lawsuit is the ongoing dispute between Apple and Samsung over smart phones. One needs to protect their unique products or services so that competitors cannotreplicate your business success to their advantage and hinder your business growth and development and you and only you are responsible for the protection and legal use of your assets. Registration of products or services under Intellectual Property Rights gives an informed choice to your customers about the safety, reliability and genuineness of the product or service being purchased by them. 

It may seem a very difficult and time consuming task to register your Intellectual Property assets but it is well worth every second, rupee and effort. It also is not as difficult and time consuming as you may think. You can engage an Intellectual Property Rights lawyers or professionals specializing in providing services relating to Intellectual Property Rights. Alternatively one can use services of online firms providing services relation to registration of Intellectual Property Assets. These online service providers can provide services anywhere in the country. While choosing an online service provider you should ensure that the service provider has the proper infrastructure t o provide services across the length and breadth of the country and if need be across countries. Also ensure that the service provider has the domain expertise in providing services relating to Intellectual Property Rights and team members of the service provider are highly qualified and experienced in different disciplines of law, engineering, technology and other related fields. Another aspect which should be looked into while choosing a service provider is that the processes followed for recommending and filing of Intellectual Property Rights are simple and transparent and whether they have the capability to understand their client’s business and deliver services as per individual need of the client. Lastly also ensure that the service provider provides entire services relating Intellectual Property Rights i.e. from research to renewal, in a secure and confidential manner.

Thus it is of utmost importance that once a business idea is born it should be registered so as to protect the business thereby ensuring its long term survival without giving a chance to competitors to infringe upon your business assets and making a profit at your cost.

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